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Quick Review: The Fun Side of Cleaning – Vigar

There’s not a lot to say about dusters, dish brushes or dustpans. After all, since cleaning products are generally associated with housework, they don’t make for a particularly exciting topic.  But when you have to scrub pots and pans anyway, you might as well have a fun brush to do it with.

Dish Brush by Vigar
Doll Dish Brush

Vigar, also referred to as Casa Vigar, is a company in Alicante, Spain. While Vigar does not have a U.S. office or website, availability of their products on Amazon has grown over recent years. That, along with the uniqueness of their products, definitely makes them worth a mention.

Vigar sells mostly dish brushes and brush sets in the shapes of dolls, animals, or flowers with popping colors and fun designs.  We actually bought some of their brushes years ago, and despite their whimsical look, they are sturdy and long-lasting.

Being rather unique, Vigar product’s pricing is not easy to compare. While there certainly are cheaper dish brushes on the market, Vigar’s prices are fairly reasonable, and the products do add a lot of cheer to the kitchen or bathroom.

Pen Set by Vigar
Flamenco Pen Set

On their company website, Vigar features a Zeroline collection of sustainably manufactured products made of bamboo or rice husk. If you prefer sustainability over whimsy, Vigar does sell some of these products on Amazon, although very few so far. Just go to the Vigar Seller Page and select the Zeroline Collection category, which currently lists six products.

Vigar’s European website features far more products than they sell via their Amazon Store Page. However, there seems to be no actual shopping option on their website. They have a submission form for anyone wanting to become a distributor, so their site may be just a showcase.  Hopefully, Vigar will continue to expand into the U.S. market, even if just on Amazon.

Disclosure: We bought some Vigar products at their regular price on Amazon. Years ago, we did happen across a few Vigar products in a Big Lots discount store (still using them). This post hasn’t been sponsored, and there’s no affiliate income associated with it.