About USA Euros

If you’re here, you are probably a European living or doing business in the U.S. Welcome!

Long gone are the days when a trip from the U.S. to your hometown in Europe would inevitably end in excess baggage charges because you had stuffed your suitcase with all the European things that were impossible to find in the U.S.

Nowadays, almost everything is just a few clicks away, so why USA Euros?

We’re here to save you time, effort, and maybe even money by providing resources and carefully curated content, so you don’t have to spend time on Google finding European products, services and organizations.

Here’s our vision: in about the time it takes you to sip your first cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll be able to easily order a few home-town gourmet products for your pantry, look for a new job at a company that speaks your language, see what cultural event you want to attend that week, and find a European sponsor for your non-profit, or customers for your business.

Hopefully you’ll laugh at some European humor, send us a scathing review of a restaurant that claims to be authentic when it really is not, and replace that household product that keeps breaking down with some far superiorly-produced European product.

Alright, we can’t guarantee the last one. Or really any of it, we don’t know your sense of humor – but you get the gist: USA Euros is a resource, community, entertainment platform and networking opportunity for all Europeans in the U.S., and in the end, it is what our visitors make it by visiting, sharing, and contributing.

Are we always going to be 100% European? There will be exceptions.  If products or services that are important to a lot of Europeans just aren’t available (yet), we may feature an American company or service.

And before you wonder: USA Euros includes all countries Wikipedia tells us are part of Europe, even if only half the country really is part of Europe.  Ever since Brexit, using the EU as a standard would just complicate things and really, how would one draw the line between European Russia and Asian Russia on a website? (We won’t go as far as Eurovision. Sorry, Australia.)

But hopefully we’ll be a little like the EU: we won’t always agree, but we love our neighbor countries and support one another.

USA Euros currently does not charge for postings or advertisement. Ads on the pages are free, while we are still working on the site’s layout. We may at some point feature affiliate program links and/or advertising. Any post sponsored by a brand will be clearly marked as Sponsored Content.

If you’d like to be featured on or write for USA Euros, please check out our Submissions Guidelines.