Submission Guidelines

We welcome queries from anyone interested in contributing to, or being featured on, USA Euros. This page will develop over time, but feel free to reach out with any inquiries. 

Get Featured on USA Euros

If you are European, own a European business, or provide services of interest to Europeans, contact us.  If we feel your story or business is a good fit for USA Euros, we will reach out for an interview. Obviously, our main requirement on USA Euros is that your company has a European connection, and a presence in the U.S.  We may make exceptions for companies that provide a unique service or product we think our audience might be interested in.  


If you want your company or organization listed in our directory, send us a link to your website or social media group for review.  There currently is no charge for inclusion in the directory. 

Other Media:

If you publish a U.S.-based magazine or website aimed at any one European group in the U.S., send us a link to your publication. 

Want to Write for USA Euros?

We’d love to hear from you.  Whether you’re European or not, we’d love to hear from you. Note that for now, working for USA Euros will bring much glory, not so much money, as we don’t yet have any revenue sources. 

We currently take submissions for any of the categories on USA Euros, but are open for column suggestions or other ideas.  Just reach out for an Editorial Rate Card, which will also give you more in-depth descriptions about the types of posts we are looking for. 

Contact us at for more information and/or submissions. 

Want to support USA Euros in other ways? Check here how you can help spread the word or help us grow. 

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