Oktoberfest 2020 – Coming to a Computer Near You

Every October, in pretty much every U.S. State, it comes to a parking lot or event space near you: The ever-so-popular Oktoberfest.

Of course, it’s not always a German business organizing the event, and the authenticity of what’s being served, and by whom, varies from one location to the next.  And if you’ve ever been to a real Oktoberfest in Germany, you know it’s more than just beer tents. But the main draw of any Oktoberfest: having fun with like-minded people.

Oktoberfest Munich
2017 Oktoberfest Munich

It’s a well-established fact: once you sit at a crowded beer tent table, the stranger next to you isn’t really a stranger anymore. They’re a comrade-in-arms between the chicken dance and a roaring yell of beer tent standards. Together, you hoist those plastic cup stand-ins in for the traditional beer stein and sing along, best you can.  And at the end of the evening, everyone walks (or stumbles) home happy, clutching their beer fest souvenirs, having gotten their annual fill of so-called Oompah music. 

After all, while you may not blast it in your car, you wouldn’t make it through an evening of Oktoberfest if tuba and accordion wasn’t a guilty pleasure you allow yourself to clap to once a year. 

But this is 2020, and COVID ruined the fun – or did it?  Sure, there are a few businesses left across the country who dare to run a physical Oktoberfest. Good luck to them and the undoubtedly reduced number of visitors. Here’s the good news: if this year has you down about not getting a glimpse of Lederhosen and Dirndls, or you just want to hear those fun beer tent tunes after all, fret not! Two entrepreneurial spirits found a way to bring Oktoberfest to you. Get ready for Webtoberfest 2020!

What’s Webtoberfest?

Oktoberfest Stuttgart
2019 Oktoberfest Stuttgart

Karen Lodder Carlson, owner of German Girl in America, and Angela Schofield, proprietor of All Tastes German, teamed up to present: Webtoberfest, a virtual Oktoberfest for anyone across the U.S., and beyond.  Webtoberfest starts with general entertainment from September 5th through October 30th, and adds virtual live events from September 26th through October 10th.  Best of all, unlike many Oktoberfest events, attendance is free! And since the event is virtual, there’ll actually be a lot more offered than at your average in-person Oktoberfest.

Webtoberfest features traditional music & dance events, virtual fashion shows, online cooking presentations, and even a virtual beer tent.  Of course, there’ll also be a lot of online shopping opportunity, be it for authentic German food products, cook books, or gifts and souvenirs.

With most fun events relegated to virtual status these days, why not show your friends a beer stein you picked up at this year’s Webtoberfest. More events, vendors and shows are still being added, so be sure to sign up on the Webtoberfest site for continuous updates on this month-long program. These updates will also provide you with the information needed to pre-order beer, wine and/or spirits for the virtual tastings. Experts in the fields will be present to teach a thing or two about various German alcoholic beverages.

For sure, this one-in-all event will be a German-centric experience beyond hoisting your cup in a tent.  And best of all: no worry about designating a driver or finding parking. If you’ve had a few too many, you may find a whole lot of online-order packages arrive a week later, but at least you won’t accidentally forget that shirt you bought on a sticky beer tent bench.

Sign up Now for Updates

Your free ticket will grant you access to the entire month-long event. The individual happenings are also going to be free to access. Of course, there’s plenty opportunity to shop and follow-up events to sign up for, if you’re interested. Be sure to sign up via Webtoberfest or use any given sign-up codes, if applicable, to help make the event a success. After all, this just might become an annual tradition.

The majority of happenings will take place during the Live Weeks from September 26th to October 10th. That gives you plenty of time after sign-up to pick your favorites, round up a few friends, and visit Oktoberfest together. Almost like any other year. Only this time: nobody’s elbow in your plate.

Head on over to Webtoberfest for free tickets and to receive the full program once the event starts.  And while the countdown tortures with the days, hours and minutes until you can join like-minded folk in said chicken dance, check out some Oktoberfest recipes and other ideas to prepare at the hosts sites German Girl in America and All Tastes German.

If you want to prepare by getting into the Oktoberfest celebrations with a bit more knowledge about the when, why, and how-to, check out Webtoberfest’s newly created Facebook page. And when it’s all over, and the hangover clears some time in November, be sure to comment there. After all, even if there are physical Oktoberfests again in 2021, we wouldn’t mind continuing this nationwide get-together of like minds in years to come.

Preliminary Event Overview

  • German Online Food Market
  • Virtual “Festzelt” (21 years plus only) with virtual tastings
  • Entertainment Stage with Online Music & Dance Performances
  • Virtual Fashion Shows
  • German Online Gift Shops
  • Online Cooking Shows & Cook-Alongs
  • German Travel Corner
  • German Book Nook