TV Now

With a bit of effort, TV Now can be quite the treat. It’s extensive offerings warrant a bit more research, but here’s what we figured out so far:  If it wasn’t for the darn Geo-blocking, you could indulge in RTL, VOX, RTL2, Nitro, NTV and then some.  Of course, our stateside reality is: there are limits. And beware: the TV Now offered in the app store is an app for Nigerian TV.  Apparently, the German TV Now does NOT have an app yet.

Here’s a little trick to maneuver the website: Once you entered the site, click on TV Programm at the top navigation bar. This will take you to a page where you can select the channel you want, and the site then displays a very convenient listing of the day’s program listing with a clear note whether or not you can access that particular show from where you live. If you go through these listings every day for a week, you can then sign up for the free service and put together your watch list of available shows.

If you instead use TV Now’s A-Z option, you’ll get a listing of everything available on either all or any one individual channel, but there’s no warning whether or not the show is blocked. Checking the “Nur Free” box under the channel listing limits the choices a little, but you’ll still have to put in a bit of work checking each individual show for its availability.

Available shows generally play without commercials, but instead of playing a one-hour show in one piece without ads, TV Now plays part of a show up to where normally the commercial break would be, and then you need to click on the ‘next chapter’ of the show. A minor inconvenience if you enjoy indulging in sassy reality TV.

TV Now has a paid option, but strangely, we haven’t managed to get the PayPal payment page to work yet. You have to have an account if you want to watch Live TV, so for now, we can’t report on the Live service, cause we can’t get it to work. I you decide to try it out and manage to get signed up, let us know how it went!